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BSE Library Book Club 2015

Started by members of BSE Library Readers Club 2015. You can read their reviews to get ideas for books to read. You can add your review of books you've read. Come to the library Wednesday lunchtime to ask Ms Cassai for help if you have trouble navigating the site. 

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Oct 22,2015

Before I started reading this series, I didn't think it was that great. There was too much hype and it didn't look that good. But when I started reading it, it was actually fantastic. Derek Landy is an incredible writer. The series is hilarious, intense at times, emotional at others. The actual writing itself is really good, it flows really well and has a great plot.

I would recommend it to anyone who likes some humour, action and intrigue. There are 10 books in the series. And if you enjoy it, there is a new series by the same writer called Demon Road, that I would recommend exactly the same way. It is a little bit darker than Skulduggery Pleasant, but is still a really good read.

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Oct 21,2015

The Heir is the fourth book in The Selection series. Apart from the other three which are set from America Singer eyes this book is through her daughter Eadlyn eyes. 

Eadlyn has to go through her own Selection but doesn't want to. She wants to be an independent Queen. Eadlyn will be the first ever Queen to rule Illea (the country that used to be America). But with things going badly in the country her parents want something to take the countrys  mind off their troubles.

I love this book for so many reasons. I love the fact that Eadlyn wants to prove to her parents that women can rule countries independently. I love that she has such a close relationship with her twin brother and I love the way this book is written.

Even though this book ends on the biggest cliffhanger, I still really enjoyed. 

Now I have to wait till next yeah for the next one to come out.

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Oct 21,2015

I absolutely loved 'Finding Audrey'. I loved it so much that I wouldn't put it down. For me it started as a book where I was just going to read it because it seemed okay and it would be a break between a series I was reading. It turned out to be this amazing book. I'm not sure if it was the story that I liked or just the way it was written as it is in 1st person view with lots of feeling. If anyone else has read the book I would love your opinion on the story and the characters. It is a book with a deep topic with many memorable moments. It also has a great first sentence to captivate you. When I was halfway through the book I couldn't wait for the ending yet I also didn't want it to finish.

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Oct 21,2015

This book by John Green ('The fault in our stars') has also been made into a film. I'm only half way through, but it is engaging me so far. Quentin has had a crush on Margo, from afar, since primary school. They are neighbours, but recently Margo has joined a new friendship group. Quentin is in the 'music nerd' gang, often bullied and harrassed at school. Margo chooses Quentin to accompany and assist her on a long night of adventures, carrying out 10 tasks on Margo's list. They are mostly revenge for past wrongs. It is only when Margo has been 'missing' for 4 days after that night, that Quentin realises she's left him clues so he can find her. Will he succeed? Has Margo harmed herself, or is she just hiding for the thrill? Will he find her? I'm enjoying reading this book, I just wish I could read it all in one sitting, to find out how it ends!

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