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Book Club Crew

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You should be reading at least 2 times per week, for at least 20 – 30 minutes a session. This reading is expected to be recorded each week on your blog page.

You are expected to view another class member’s blog each week. Each week you will need to:

  1. Post a comment on their blog.
  2. Record the page numbers, title, date and length of time that you read for.

After you have completed this you may select from any of the following tasks below. Each task may only be completed once.

  • Confusions about words in the text. For any new words find the definition.
  • Reactions/connections – What are you feeling? Does this remind you of past experiences or things that have happened to you? Does this make you think of anything happening in the news, around the school, in other stories or books you have read?
  • Wonderings –such as, wondering if the half-blood prince could be Harry Potter?
  • Mental images/ visualisations- Feel free to insert pictures that come to mind as you read
  • Find a song/piece of music that represents ideas being presented in your book.
  • Prediction – What do you think will happen next in the story? Use details from the text to support your prediction.
  • Interview questions for a character in your novel.
  • Descriptive phrases- Interesting sentences that caught your attention. Why did you find them interesting? What techniques were used by the author? (eg. Simile, metaphor, alliteration etc.)
  • Newspaper Headline- A headline for the section of the novel that you just read
  • Character profile- Describe the character in your novel, actions, personality, and relationship to other characters.
  • Narrative timeline. Brief timeline of events that have occurred in your novel.



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