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This book club is open to the pupils of Gilston State School who are members of our Avid Readers Book club.

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Sep 10,2014

The Sequin Star

by Belinda Murrel

Review by Anna Yamada

I have never been or lived in 1932 but the author, Belinda Murrel made me believe for real that I went back in time with the main character, Claire. The story is told by third -person where Claire stumbles upon a circus camp that is called Sterling Brothers Circus where her friends, Rosina, Jem and Kit have many adventures.

In the book, The Sequin Star, my favourite character is Rosina, one of Claire's friend because she has a very cheerful, happy, friendly, on-going character trait that she describes what her life is like in a circus might be in 1932. The way Belinda Murrel describes Rosina and the way how she spoke made me feel I was actually at the cicus camp hearing Rosina's clear, loud voice ringing in my ear.

My favourite part of the story is where Claire time-travels back in time to 1932. I also like the part where Kit gets kidnapped. When you read this book to the end, you will be suprised who kidnapped Kit and where Claire, Rosina and Jem found him.

You all know Rosina is my favourite character but the main character of this story is Claire. When Claire's grandmother falls ill, she finds a sequin star among her grandmother's treasures. But why does Claire's wealthy grandmother own such a cheap piece? The mystery deepens when the brooch hurtles Claire back in time to 1932. Claire finds herself stranded in the camp of Sterling Brothers Circus. She is allowed to stay - if she works hard. The Great Depression has made life difficult for everyone, but Claire makes friends with circus peformers Rosina and Jem, and a boy called Kit who comes night after night  to watch Rosina peform. When Kit gets kidnapped it's up to Claire, Rosina and Jem to save him. But Claire is starting to wonder who Kit and Rosina really are. One is escaping poverty and the other escaping wealth - can the two find happiness together?

* ( The writing in Italic and Bold is from the blurb of the book ) *


Sep 10,2014

This book is set in Europe in WW2. It follows the story of what happens to two young boys who make an unlikely friendship. It brings up many interesting themes about friendship, fate and justice.

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