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All About Those Books


My name is Quinn and I will be the moderater for this club. If you are a fan of any genre of book, feel free to join. Personally, I am a big fan of Young Adult, Dystopian, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi. I also don't mind romance.

Some rules -

1. Be nice! Respect everyone's opinion, even if they don't have the same views as you.
2. Recommend books to people every once in a while! I know I'm always looking for new books!
3. Have fun! The most important thing!

Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Quinn xx

Blog Posts

Jul 17,2016

Hi i just finished the Divergent series and i highly recommend this three book series


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Member Since: Jun 26,2016
Jun 27,2016

hi my fellow minions. i am having a good time and i am looking forward to learning about new books and talking to you dudes/dudets!
Pretty much HI!

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Member Since: May 19,2016
Jun 27,2016

Hallo fellow people of earth, an am a Dyslexic so bear with my spelling, anyhow i'm looking forward to being a part of this group and finding new books to read cuz reading is my awesome life. 


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Member Since: Jun 26,2016
Apr 11,2016

File 34200I have just finished reading this book and I absoloutly loved it. I recomened it if you like a good murder mystery, supernatrual themes and arent scared easily. your welcome.

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Member Since: Mar 23,2015
May 26,2015

Hello I just want to introduse my self. My name is Emma but you can call me MOO. I am all about BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS oh and purple! As you can see I'm terrible at spelling!! I'm reading the Chasing the Valley series which I'm quite enjoying.

Why dont you introduse your selves in the comments...


Apr 17,2015

Comment you favourite Harry Potter book and why you like it.

Mine would have to be the first or the last.

Nov 20,2014

i've read some of the book and even though i see the appeal, it personally isn't my favourite. (sorry!)

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