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Wanted: Inky Awards Judges

Feb 26,2016
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‘The Inky Awards are a great opportunity to give teenagers books to read that other teenagers have approved of.’
- Oliver, 2015 Inky Awards Judge

If you love reading, love talking about books, and love debating about what makes a great book - apply now to be an Inky Awards Judge!


What does an Inky Awards Judge do?

- Reads all 20 longlisted books (which you get to keep), in the space of three months.

- Selects the shortlist of 10 books, in consultation with the other judges.

- Is a champion for the Inky Awards. This means being willing and able to do public speaking (at your school, at a festival event...), to respond quickly to media requests, and to encourage your peers to vote in the Awards.


‘It's such a rewarding, once in a life time opportunity to have a say in something, meet fabulous people, discuss with those same people about books and gain some life experience!’
- Melanie, 2015 Inky Awards Judge

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Some of the 2015 Inky Awards Judges (L-R): Phoebe, Oliver, Melanie, Genevieve, Jaimee.



To apply, send an email to with the subject line 'Inky Awards Judge', telling me:

- Your details! That's: name, age, what gender you identify as, what school you go to (if applicable), and which state/territory you live in;
- What's your Inside a Dog username? (If you have one.)
- Why do you want to be an Inky Awards Judge?
- What's a great book you've recently read? What did you love about it?
- What's your favourite genre to read?
- How many books, on average, do you read in a month?

You can either type your answers to the above, or if (like me) you love cameras, you can tell it to me in a video. (Please send any videos as an attachment in an email, or as a link to a central storage space – like dropbox.)

Get your application in by 9am EST on Monday, 21 March! UPDATE: Applications have been extended until midnight (Melbourne-time) on Monday, 28 March! So you can get plenty of reading done in your holiday as well as working on your application *wink* 

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The Small but Necessary Print:

If you send me a great application, you will be invited to the second-round – a "face-to-face" interview (via online video call). I plan to have these from 4 - 8 April, so make sure you’re available and keep a close eye on your inbox!

If your application is successful, I will require written permission from your parent/guardian.

And you must be:

- 12 - 20 years of age. (If you are in year 12 at high school I ask that you seriously consider your ability to meet the intensive reading requirements – as well as your own study demands - prior to applying.)

- Living in Australia. And staying in Australia throughout the judging period (April - October).

- Available in the week of 25 – 29 July to convene (online) with the other judges. This is a critical part of the judging and may mean missing your book club/soccer training/drama/choir/other evening lessons.


If you're looking for tips on how to submit an AMAZING application, here's 2015 judge Jordan’s video application2012 judge Elizabeth's written application, and here's a video with some advice from 2013 judge Lily.


The successful applicants will be announced in May. 

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Apr 21,2016

Thanks all for your enthusiasm! :D I'm having a great time reading (and watching) all the applications and don't have any updates yet, sorry!

@Anonymous - yes, second-round interviews were also pushed back.

Apr 20,2016
anonymous's picture

Eagerly awaiting any updates!!! Plsss??? *fingers crossed*

Apr 20,2016
anonymous's picture

Looking forward to seeing who will be announced as the judges. I noticed that the date changed a few times for when the application date was closing, so I was wondering if that means that the second round interviews were also pushed back? Hoping to be chosen as a successful applicant - good luck to everyone!

Apr 11,2016
anonymous's picture

Eeeee! Sounds awesome. I have already applied. I am so excited. What an oppurtunity to really say something and have your voice heard on a global scale. This is something you will regret not trying out for when you are older. Everyyone wants to be heard now you have the opputunity to.

Mar 12,2016
anonymous's picture

Looks great! Next year, maybe. School is so busy this year!!

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