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Some very exciting news about Inside a Dog

Jan 18,2017
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Inside a Dog is getting a makeover! You may have noticed the Dog looking at bit shabby these past few months. The great news is that we’re currently in the process of redeveloping Inside a Dog, with the aim of having a shiny new website ready for you by the middle of 2017.

At the moment we’re talking to young people around the country to find out exactly what you want to see on the Dog, so we don’t know quite know what the new site will look like yet. But one thing is for sure: Inside a Dog will still be the place to come to talk about books, writing and culture for young people, and to connect with bookish friends Australia-wide. We can’t wait to share this next phase of the Dog’s life with you.

Watch this space!

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Mar 05,2018

Update: The development process has taken a little longer than anticipated but we're very happy to share that early users will be testing the new website this month (March 2018).

Jan 20,2017
anonymous's picture

Absolutely love InsideaDog, but can't wait to see what the new site looks like!

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