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Reading Matters workshops now open for bookings!

Mar 31,2017
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Reading Matters Workshops Shivaun Plozza, AS King, Jay Kristoff & Mariko Tamaki


Want to learn worldbuilding with Jay Kristoff, talk characters with Shivaun Plozza, explore the unreal with A.S. King, or read comics with Mariko Tamaki? As part of the #YAmatters public day program on Sunday June 4, these four amazing YA authors will be running a series of workshops to help you refine your writing skills and kickstart your creativity.

Workshops are FREE, and only open to young people under 20 (ID required). Each workshop only has a limited number of spaces available, so book early to avoid missing out! (Only one workshop booking is permitted per person.)

Click here to book now!





Finding Your Voice with Shivaun Plozza

Learn how to write from different points of view and create an authentic, engaging narrative voice.


Writing Strange with A.S. King

Learn how to blur lines between fiction, personal narrative and a dreamworld of your own making.


World Building with Jay Kristoff

From sci-fi to fantasy, learn how to build a compelling and convincing setting with the NYT-bestselling author.


Comics! with Mariko Tamaki

How do words and pictures work together in comics to tell a story? Mariko Tamaki has written Supergirl for DC and The Hulk for Marvel – join her to explore the joy of reading and writing comics.

Important note:
 So that as many people as possible have the chance to attend a workshop, bookings are limited to one workshop per person. Please choose carefully!

Apr 03,2017

It means one out of four – there are only a few places in each workshop, so we want to make sure that everyone gets an opportunity to attend one.

Mar 31,2017
anonymous's picture

If it's one workshop per person, does that mean one out of the four listed, or two - one from each time (11 or 3:30)?

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