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Presenting the 2017 Inky Awards Judges!

May 24,2017
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We received a record number of applications from so many amazing book-loving teens.

We are very excited and proud to announce this year’s Inky Awards judges:

  • Alexandra, age 13, from WA
  • Brodie, age 14, from QLD
  • Aida, age 15, from VIC
  • Josh, age 15, from NSW
  • Ewen, from VIC
  • Kellie, age 16, from VIC
  • Vivien, age 18, from NSW

Congratulations judges!

They are already busy working as your 2017 Inky Awards judges – reading the 20 longlisted books and preparing to select which 10 will make up this year's shortlist. 

And over the next few weeks we shall get to know them even better!

We look forward to finding out which books you select as this year's Inky Awards winners, when voting opens here on 15 August. We’ve already started counting down the days!

In the meantime, why not tell us what you think of the longlisted titles – which books would make your shortlist?

Jun 02,2017
anonymous's picture

Vivien! Glad to see another NSW person here. Im Josh BTW


May 27,2017
anonymous's picture

I'm so grateful to be one of the judges! Thank you for this great opportunity! 

May 26,2017
anonymous's picture

Oh wow! I cant believe I'm an Judge for the Inky Awards! I can't wait to meet the other 6 judges! 

May 25,2017
anonymous's picture


May 24,2017

Kellie from Victoria?! AGHH THAT'S ME!!

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