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Presenting the 2015 Inky Awards Judges

Jun 17,2015
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I asked all you brilliant, book-loving teens to apply to be an Inky Awards judge and...

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YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I got your applications, I read (and watched!) your applications, and I LOVED THEM SO MUCH.

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Thank you, all, for sharing your love of books. It was not an easy task to select just six judges. So I went and chose seven. I am immensely proud to announce that the judges of the 2015 Inky Awards are:

  • Oliver, age 13, from VIC
  • Phoebe, age 13, from TAS
  • Genevieve, age 14, from VIC
  • Jaimee, age 14, from QLD
  • Taliesin, age 14, from NSW
  • Melanie, age 15, from VIC
  • Jordan, age 16, from NSW

Congratulations, judges!

They are already busy working as your Inky Awards representatives - reading the 20 longlisted books and preparing to select which 10 will make up this year's shortlist.

Over the next few weeks we shall get to know our judges even better - who are they, really? What house do they claim allegiance to? And what do they read for breakfast?

Even if you're not one of this year's judges, you can still let me know which books would make your shortlist! Leave a comment, post a review! And don't forget that you choose the Inky Awards winners - voting opens here on 24 August. I'm counting down the days already...


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Jun 18,2015

Congrats guys! Hope you enjoy this experience. My days as an Inky judge are something I remember very fondly, so I hope it's as awesome as you as it was for me. :) Hope choosing the shortlist isn't too difficult. ;)

Jun 17,2015

Ohhhh yay!! I'm a lil jealous of you guys (even though I had the privilege last year). I hope you have an awesome time reading ALL THE BOOKS, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of them :)) (Also, Inky, ace use of the Matilda gif)

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