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A lovely thing.

Mar 16,2012
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Just a brief post today, to say that although I have been posting on Fridays, I will actually post the next big blog on Saturday.

Coming on to say so also gives me the chance to show you this lovely full cover image I just got in an email, for Green Monkey Dreams, which will come out in June. These news, which I am very excited about, makes a perfect addendum to the last big blog (which, incidentally, I have spent hours revamping- Min over at sent the better jpegs, and I added a few more pictures and comments - couldn't resist.  But it took FOREVER and as I am now one hour into my precious writing day with Bologna looming next week, hence the delay in posting the next big blog till tomorrow, instead of today (friday)..

Recieving this lovely new cover picture from Allen and Unwin also enables me to add one final note to my Cover blog.  I said that writers often do not come up with their own blurbs.  In fact these days this far into my careeer, they are usually a melding of minds, including mine.

But I have to say the blurbs to the wonderful Metro Winds and Green Monkey Dreams covers were both written by Hilary Reynolds at Allen and Unwin. I had nothing to do with them. I say this because she deserves full credit for these are both perfect examples of a good blurb. 

Because I should have said in my last blog that blurbs can be lovely, poetic and allusive too, and many are...

The best, are this good.

The next next big blog will be The Journey (Pt 2) and part of the delay is that I have had immense trouble choosing the pictures. You will see why, tomorrow...


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