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Inky's Choice: Cracked by Clare Strahan

Jun 20,2014
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3 reasons to read Cracked by Clare Strahan: 

File 224621. Clover Jones can't ride a bike, doesn't have a mobile, and isn't allowed on facebook. She is, as you may have already guessed, the weird kid at school. She may not have popularity but Clover's got a sharp tongue, a keen eye, and a strong, if cracked, heart. I'm completely in love with her.

2. It's about much more than just high school. It's about biking, art, about making a mark on the world and not destroying the world. 

'Vandalism,' Keek calls it.
'Graff,' says Cho.
'Art,' I insist.
Well, it will be.

3. Keek - the kind of mate who'll teach you to ride a bike without laughing at you, even though you're fifteen. (Well, okay, who won't laugh at you much...)

Jun 30,2014

@TriSARAHtops - Libraries are good! It's only just come out, so you might have to lodge a request for it!

Jun 23,2014
anonymous's picture

Just finished this wonderful book this morning. Clover is a new heroine of our times, in a thoughful and utterly honest way. I loved every page (and I'm 44) so Im guessing a young adult will absolutely devour this delight.

Jun 20,2014

Another book that looks really good (the cover is gorgeous) and I am utterly disappointed that I am broke. Might see if the library has it... 

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