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Inky Awards Experience: Josh on His Time as a Judge

Nov 09,2017
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Josh has shared with us this lovely, heartfelt piece of writing on his time as a judge. We thought the whole world should read it.

I read books, tonnes of books. I read any genre I can get my hands on. I read and read until I feel contempt and stop. This is how my reading was (keyword there, was). But something was missing. My life had a tedious routine. I got up and went to school, did work and came home, did more work, then slept. I needed something to get done. Something to drive me, something challenging and something that got me in contact with others like me. An opportunity that would spark an experience of a lifetime.

Well, as you might have already guessed, this opportunity appeared to me not seven months back. It came in the form of a few simple words from my English teacher. Those words lead to a website, the website lead to an interest, and before I knew it I was making an entry video. Looking back on it, my chances were really small. Like, one in a million. But, though little did I know then, someone found that video, and chose me. I was told an interview would take place over Skype, and that’s when it clicked. This was my chance. This wasn’t an accident; it was meant for me.

So far, my experience with the Inky Awards has been phenomenal. Words can’t explain just how amazed I truly am to have been chosen for this task, and if you asked me to explain my experience in a few words, I would just look you in the eye and smile. Because that’s all I’ve felt. In the past few months I’ve felt nothing but pure joy. I got to read some amazing books. I got to meet other teenagers like me and form friendships for life.

But, most importantly, I can now say, ‘Yes, I was an Inky Awards Judge.’

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