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Best in Show: I'm a Pirate!

Sep 19,2012
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File 11061Avast! Did ye know that September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day? Well it is. (Or, as historical fiction writer and resident pirate expert Kelly Gardiner has previously pointed out - pirate talk as we know it was invented by Robert Louis Stevenson in his book Treasure Island. I suppose "International Talk Like A Robert Louis Stevenson Pirate Day" just didn't make the cut.)

As the pirates sing, "I plunder stuff but I'm no crook - now write about me in a book."

I'm a pirate!

Sep 19,2012
D'awwww, that video is so cute ♥ But you should have posted this post YESTERDAY! I didn't know! Now my awesome *echhem awful echhem* pirate talk goes another year unused... oh, the tragedy! x)

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