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Jun 27,2017

Hello, Inky here. I know the DAB are always going on about all the cool people they get to hang out with (besides me), but the DAB are also always writing and coming up with seriously inventive ways to talk about books. DAB member Abbie recently wrote this review of Jay Kristoff's Nevernight, and I really wanted to share it with you all because I'd, personally, never read a book review quite like this before.

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Jun 20,2017

By DAB members Tanzeem and Yuna



Tanzeem: All right, I am never saying that again; first and last time, I promise.

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Jun 14,2017

By DAB member Tanzeem

Tips to save you time, money and maybe improve your life just a little more.

1. Have a list of books you're looking for

Browsing is for libraries and as much as we love owning books, we don't like spending money on a book only to find out that we didn't enjoy it very much and could've bought something else.

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Jun 08,2017

By DAB member Annie

YA clichés have become a big thing to be talked about. Everybody is talking about how sick they are of love triangles and the chosen one. But there are many more clichés that are just repetitive, yet don’t often make anybody’s list, perhaps because they’re not as obvious, and some people don’t even realise that they are clichés. And it’s high time that they did.

1. The hate-to-love relationship

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Jun 05,2017

Recently the DAB spent some time talking (and writing really incredibly good) found poetry. Wikipedia says found poetry "is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text, thus imparting new meaning."

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