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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Authors and Social Media

If you are a fan of Amie Kaufman you may have seen that this week she has had to speak out about how she is treated by “fans” on social media. The situation erupted when fans, unable to get their hands on pre-order copies of her new novel in The Illuminae Files series, Memento, attacked her through social media. While Amie acknowledges how wonderful it is to have  fans passionate about her books, the anger was misdirected. Amie is usually “low key” on social media, but felt compelled to post this thread on twitter and instagram. 


As avid readers it is wonderful to have access to our favourite authors through social media, however Amie’s point that if you wouldn’t say it to their faces then don’t say it through social media is very pertinent. Sometimes we love a book so much we forget about the human behind the book. The book  – and the world – feels like it belongs to us. Which is why it is so powerful. I think this post below really sums it up.

In many ways authors rely on readers to support them, read their books, share their books, review the books – BUY their books…but that doesn’t mean they owe us anything. I have heard of students being told they will get extra marks on work if they contact and hear back from an author. This is too much pressure for authors who are working hard to get those words on a page and a book on your shelf. It’s tempting to see them as available at all times through these channels and that we can vent/criticise instantly without thinking things through. 

Remember – authors are human. We of course send Amie, such a loved YA author, Inky hugs.

Photo of Amie Kaufman


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I remember seeing this on her Insta. So sad. Sometimes fan-bases get too passionate

6th Apr, 19