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‘Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.’ – Groucho Marx

Attention please

We hope you’re all loving making Inside a Dog your own little book haven. We’re still technically in our testing phase (that means that only you, our registered users can post your own comments and make your own blogs).

It’s worth reminding you of a few different aspects of being an early user:

Terms and Conditions/Site Guidelines/Copyright

At present, the website doesn’t have terms and conditions published. Some of you have noticed this and asked questions (smart cookies!). We are still ironing out the last few details. This is why we had each of you submit a permission form signed by your parent or guardian; to ensure they are aware of what the website is all about and how you will be using it. In regards to copyright, the short answer is that you retain the rights to anything you publish here on the site. More details will be provided before the website is launched and opened up to the general public.

Staying Safe Online

Following guidelines to stay safe online is really important. It’s about maintaining your privacy, keeping your data safe and setting up good habits that are appropriate not just on our site but elsewhere on the internet. Here are our key messages for you, which you can read more about here.

  • Don’t use your surname as your user name, blog name or in any content you post on the website
  • Don’t write identifying details such as your address, the school you attend, your full name or sporting/arts clubs you attend
  • Use content notes if your post includes themes which may be upsetting or confronting to some users. This is a handy guide on how to use content notes.
  • Treat others as you want to be treated; we are a community, and the responsibility of maintaining a safe, enjoyable environment is up to all of us

New Users

If you have bookish friends who might like to be an early user, direct them to fill out an expression of interest here. We’re still adding new users to the site as we prepare for the public launch.

Getting in Touch

If you want to raise any questions, issues or concerns with the Centre for Youth Literature team (we run the Inside a Dog website!) you can get hold of us any time in the following ways:

  • Report inappropriate content via our webform
  • Give feedback on the website or report technical issues via this webform
  • General enquiries can be emailed to us at insideadog@slv.vic.gov.au

Thanks folks!



Does anyone know when the site will be released to the public?

6th Jul, 18


7th Jul, 18

In reply to paradox

I'm hoping it's soon

7th Jul, 18
lefa Centre for Youth Literature

In reply to paradox

Unfortunately we still don't have a confirmed date for when the site will be able to go out to the public. If you know people who would like to join up as a user of the site you can direct them to fill out the expression of interest form and they can also join the early user group: https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/expression-interest-inside-dog-early-user-group

26th Jul, 18

Some really important things in the post! It's always good to keep the terms and conditions in mind. Please also remember that if you need any help you can always comment on a DAB members post! We're teenagers like you guys and are always happy to help! It's our job and we love this website!

31st Jul, 18