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My Life as an Alphabet

Author:  Barry Jonsberg

 This isn't just about me. It's also about the other people in my life - my mother, my father, my dead sister Sky, my penpal Denille, Rich Uncle Brian, Earth-Pig Fish and Douglas Benson From Another Dimension. These are people [with the exception of Earth-Pig Fish, who is a fish] who have shaped me, made me what I am. I cannot recount my life without recounting elements of theirs. This is a big task, but I am confident I am up to it.

Introducing Candice Phee: twelve years old, hilariously honest and a little ... odd. But she has a big heart, the very best of intentions and an unwavering determination to ensure everyone is happy. So she sets about trying to 'fix' all the problems of all the people [and pets] in her life.

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May 16,2014

Book Review 

The book "My Life as an Alphabet" is a well written and warm novel. The Author, when writing this book, did a great job in making it sound the main character was writing this, as the style matched the personality of the main character.

This book is a rather small book, but it is still a warm, feel-good book, that when you are down, it will bring you up & make you smile and laugh and forget about your problems and worries.

The cover of the book has well achieved it purpose to entice the reader, as well as having the girl on the front reflect the personality of the girl as the main character.

When i read this book it took me less than a day, and i found it quirky, sweet, warm, hilarious, as well as a just feel good book. It stands out, above the average book, due to its unique cover and as it written differently following the topic of the Alphabet.

Overall I would suggest that if you a person who is between the ages of 12 to 16, or if you just need to fell well after being down, then read this book. I guarantee that you will enjoy this book, and that you won't regret it. I rate is a 6/10.

Feb 06,2014

I reviewed this book for english last year.

It is a fantastic book to read that I would recomend for anyone between 10 and 14ish.

Thank you for writing such an amazing Barry Jonsberg!

Its well worth reading

Sep 03,2013

Thankyou Barry for making such a beautiful book. 

Sep 01,2013

I have now reached an awful predicament. I cannot pick a book to vote on for the Inky awards. I can't.


In case you didn't get that, that was me saying I love this book. 'Twas quaint, cute, funny, heartwarming, and told in such a unique way. Like the last one I read - as in, unique. Umm. Not warm and fuzzy, definitely not o.O



Aug 15,2013

This book is about Candice's life and also about the other people in her life.

Characters: Candice is the main character, Rich Uncle Brian is Candice's uncle, dad, mum, her dead sister Sky, Earth-Pig Fish (her pet), Douglas Benson (from another Dimension) and her penpal Denille.

I suggest that everyone should read this amazing book. I read it every night :) i find this book very interesting. It's a bit weird but it's really interesting.

Jun 21,2013

This is the best book in the whole world. Well obviously I have not read every book in the world so like Candice would say in precision I should refine my statement to say that this book is the best book in the world as far as I am concerned.

I greatly enjoyed this book, it was so real, so unique and I loved it so much I decided I must review it straight away. In fact I have only just finished reading the book and spent a few minutes gazing at the front cover aimlessley wondering what I should do with my life.

Every page of this book was amazing, Candice Phee and her unique personality and bizzare honesty made me instantly love and admire her as a young heroine. She was forgiving, hard-working, loving and a little weird, but what's life if we're all the same.

Young Candice Phee is an intellectual individual with a heart of gold and nerves of steel. She considers everyone as her friend and in situations where I would burst into tears she shows courage I could never pull off. I believe I have really learnt to love these characters and enjoy this story.

And if you haven't all ready, start reading this book right away, thank me later.

Liz :)


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